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Essa of X-rats (15. 11. 2008)


Dumbo, odd-eye, american blue, blazed, variegated



From the beginning of my breeding I was trying to have an odd-eye baby almost in every litter. This litter was second one, where I "never" could have an odd-eye ritten. I was really shocked, when the rittens opened their eyes and Essa was odd-eyed. I liked her from the first time, but I didn't want to keep someone from this litter. But when she winked several times at me I have had to keep her at home.

Essa is a name from the book "The Wizard of Earthsea". Essa is true word for a foam on a top of a sea wave. She is crazy ritten, always playing with the others and running for fun. She's always repeating Desert Rose's and Rian's movements and games. I call them "Riana's tribe". They are really funny together.

Later I decided not to breed on her, because her ancestors have died too soon. They're mostly without sickness, but die early. That's not good even later are all siblings healthy and strong.

She was never a cuddling rat. Whe loves much more the freedom and the indenpendence. Time to time she came to me and kiss me but that's once in a blue moon. I tolerate her mood while she's happy. Even the older she is the grumpier she is, too.

She weighed 388g on 28th June 2010.




Preview of picture in folder Essa of X-rats