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Welcome at my websites! 


Czech rattery X-rats is subscribed under the Czech breeding club called "ZO Chovatelů morčat a jiných drobných hlodavců" from 14th June 2006. I'm still trying to improve my way of breeding and I'm open to all councils from experienced breeders. I started to breed by repeated outcrossing but several things have changed after my first import. I'm trying to use inbreeding, linebreeding and rare outcrossing aimed on good and long-lasting health, rats with nice body-shape and perfect character.


I'm breeding top (standard) and dumbo ears, smooth (standard) and rex coat in Siamese line and American blue line. I'm focused on golden Himalayan and golden Siamese rats - I'm the first breeder with borned rittens of this colour in midlle Europe (as far as I know). The line of the American blue colour is stoped at the moment, but I hope I will return to it with better animals later.


 Here you can only see basic information. It's not in my power to translate all my articles from Czech version due to lack of my free time. If you want to know more, just ask me.





I'm sorry; websites are under construction at the moment. Thank you for your understanding and patience!